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上海妹  ♀
Sheung Hoi-Mui
Sheng-Hoi Mui,  Sheung-Hoi Mui,  Shanghai Sister,  Shanghai Mei

Filmography (1935-1951)
  Actor (13 films)
    The Fop (1935)    
    A Mysterious Night (1937)    
    Seventy Two Professions (1937)    
    Eight Heaven (1939)    
    Half a Beauty (1939)    
    Putting the King of Hell to Death (1939)    
    The Witty Taoist Master (1941) ... Chui Fung Sim
    The Flame of Glacier Mountain (1941) ... Ha Ka-Bik
    Good Girl Covers for Both Sides (1948)    
    Twin-heads Selling Martial Arts (1948)    
    Adventure at the Women's House (1949) ... Lung Biu
    The Silver World of Stardom (1951) ... Opera star
    Sweet Girls (1951)