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Yam Hok-Chung
Filmography (1989-1993)
  Actor (1 film)
    Dragon in Jail (1990)    
  Assistant Director (7 films)
    Lung Fung Restaurant (1990)    
    Dragon in Jail (1990)    
    Son on the Run (1991)    
    What a Hero! (1992)    
    Lord of East China Sea (1993)    
    Lord of East China Sea II (1993)    
    Once Upon a Time in China IV (1993)    
  Script Supervisor (2 films)
    No Risk, No Gain (1990)    
    Lung Fung Restaurant (1990)    
  Assistant Production Manager (2 films)
    Mr. Fortune (1989)    
    Queen of Temple Street (1990)