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鄭碧影  ♀
Cheng Pik-Ying
Cheng Pik-Ying,  Cheng Bik-Ying
Born: February 27th, 1932 - Died: August 15th, 2011

Filmography (1952-1966)
  Actor (130 films)
    Return of the Soul (1952)    
    The Story of Emperor Guangxu (1952)    
    Xue Dingshan Thrice Tricks Feng Lihua (1952)    
    Baogong's Judgement of the Real and Fake Emperor Guang Xu (1952)    
    The Encounter Between the Prince of Thieves and the Lovelorn Monk (1952) ... Ho Bik
    The Oppressors (1953)    
    The Prude (1953)    
    Swallows' Return (1953) ... Lee Yuet-Mui
    Men's Hearts (1953)    
    Five Remonstrations with an Unreasonable Wife (1953)    
    The Crushed Flower (1953)    
    The Story of Liang Tianlai (1953)    
    Under the Moon, by the Huai River, We Meet Again (1953)    
    When Beauty Fades from the Twelve Ladies' Bower (1954)    
    The Phantom of the Opera Boat (1954)    
    The Splendour of Snow (1954)    
    Hopes and Aspirations (1954)    
    It's Fun Getting Together (1954)    
    Pretty Girl from Kuala Lumpur (1954)    
    Rouge Tears (1954)    
    Beauty Who Caused the General's Fury (1954)    
    Young Mother (1954)    
    Madam Butterfly (1954) ... Lo-Si/Lucy
    Keep Praying to Buddha, but No More Tears (1954)    
    Beautiful Crab Apple Flower (1954)    
    Paying Nocturnal Sacrifice to Qiuxi (1954)    
    Wong Fei-Hung Tries His Shadowless Kick (1954)    
    Whose Son Is This? (1954)    
    The Lover with a Heart of Steel (1954)    
    The Story of Wong Fei-Hung and Lam Sai-Wing (1954) ... Lam Man-Kuen
    The Voyage of the Dead (1954) ... Wan Yee
    How the Scholar Tong Pak-Fu Won the Maid Chau-Heung (1954)    
    The Boxer of Nanhai (1954)    
    The Miserable Couple (1954)    
    Success Follows Sorrow (1954)    
    Homeward Bound! (1954) ... Wong Wai-Ying
    How Law Buk Rescued His Mother (1955)    
    The Merry Month of May (1955)    
    Teenage Romance (1955)    
    The Matchmaker's Fault (1955)    
    How Miss Su Thrice Tested the Scholarship of Her Bridgeroom (1955)    
    The Double Blessings of Children and Fortune (1955)    
    On the Hill of the Waiting Wife She Awaits Her Husband's Return (1955)    
    How Fifth Madam Chiu Went a Thousand Miles in Search of Her Husband (1955)    
    The Wife's Way (1955)    
    Romance in the West Chamber (1955)    
    A Sister's Heart (1955)    
    The Story of Sit Ping-Kwai and Wong Bo-Chuen (1955) ... Wong Bo-Chuen
    Dirty Work for Chung Mo-Yim (1955)    
    The Story of Liang Kuan and Lin Shirong (1955)    
    The Magic Jade Fan (1955)    
    The Romance of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1955)    
    A Scholar Meets His Girlfriend in Disguise (1955)    
    The Legend of the White Snake (1955)    
    The Pauper-Prince (1955)    
    Master Among the Very Best Actors (1955)    
    Crossroads (1955)    
    How the Sedan-Carrier Raised the Bride (1955)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Rival for the Fireworks (1955)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Victory at Fourth Gate (1955)    
    Chen Shimei Betrays His Wife (1955)    
    Backyard Adventures (1955) ... Fitness student
    Shilin Offers Sacrifice to the Leifeng Pagoda (1955)    
    Little Sweetheart (1956)    
    Emperor Qianlong's Tour of Jiangnan (1956)    
    The 3 Best Scholars (1956)    
    She's Not the Real Lady (1956)    
    Wong Fei-Hung and the Courtesan's Boat Argument (1956) ... Siu-Hung
    The Green Jade Hairpin (1956)    
    A Suitor for the King's Sister (1956)    
    A Country Girl Looks for Her Husband (1956) ... Chung Yin-Yee
    Marriage for Chan Man-Nin in the Next Life (1956) ... Lee Shui-Hing
    How Wong Fei-Hung Saved the Dragon's Mother's Temple (1956) ... Lam Bik-Yuk
    White Gold Dragon and His Impersonator (1956)    
    A Hymn to Mother (1956) ... Yu Yiu-Fun, Shu Ken's daughter
    The Story of Chiu Fei-Yin (1956)    
    The Romantic Monk (1956) ... Lam Doi-Yuk
    A Fierce Debator (1956) ... Ching
    Gui Zhi Sues (1956)    
    The Mad Woman's Hunt for Her Idiot Daughter (1956)    
    How Mu Guiying Captured and Released Yang Zongbao 3 Times (1956)    
    The Eighth Miss Yang Advertises for a Husband (1956)    
    How Wong Fei-Hung Saved the Lovelorn Monk from the Ancient Monastery (1956) ... Ying-Ngo
    Magistrate Kiu's Careless Matching (1956) ... Lau Wai-Neung
    Fatty Marries Skinny (1956)    
    How Mu Guiying and Yang Zongbao Defeated the Heavenly Gate Militia (1957)    
    Prosperity Knocks (1957)    
    The Sign of Wealth (1957)    
    How the Boxer from Nanhai Stole the Dappled Horse at Night (1957)    
    Eight Dames Tease the Scholar (1957)    
    The Eight Immortals in Jiangnan (1957)    
    Fifteen Strings of Coins (1957)    
    Wong Fei-Hung Seizes the Bride at Xiguan (1958) ... Siu Man-Sau
    Let the Scholar Eat Like a Dog (1958)    
    Two Fools in Hell (1958)    
    Chen Cunzhong's Three Genuflections Before Shui Guanyin (1958)    
    Two Fools in Paradise (1958)    
    Springtime Lovers (1959) ... Chow Yuk-Lay
    My Good Nephew (1959)    
    The Double Speared Lu Wenlong (1959)    
    Lady Racketeer (1960)    
    Ten Schoolgirls (1960) ... Tricky Girl Lee Man-Ying
    A Wonderful Dream (1960) ... Ah Ho
    The Prodigious Child and Her Loyal Dog (1961) ... Luk Yuk-Wah
    Unexpected Fortune (1961)    
    The Orphan's Adventure (1961)    
    Larceny (1961) ... Chiu Lai-Wan
    Heart to Heart (1962)    
    Trauma Under the Car (1962)    
    Two Scholars in Contention for Their Love (1962)    
    Murder in the Bathroom (1962) ... Fong Yuk-ling
    The Birth of Yue Fei (1962)    
    Midnight Terror (1962)    
    The 7 Tyrants of Jiangnan (1962) ... Cheung Kwai-Lan
    Spring Comes to the Palace (1962)    
    A Fair Lifemate (1963) ... Ah Chun
    The Monkey Soldiers Come to the Rescue (1963)    
    The Fake Lover (1963)    
    Valiant Pan An (1963)    
    The Modern Matchmaker (1963)    
    The Spy (1963)    
    The Killing Sword (Part 1) (1964)    
    The Killing Sword (Part 2) (1964)    
    The Naughty Girl Teases Her Husband (1964) ... Kam Mei-Wan
    Love Thy Neighbours (1964)    
    A Teasing Game (1964)    
    Loyalty (1965)    
    Women's Hearts (1965) ... Tsui Mei-Lan
    You'd Better Be Smart (1965) ... Ngan So-chong
    Goddess of Mercy (1966)    
  Singer (3 films)
    Wong Fei-Hung and the Courtesan's Boat Argument (1956)    
    A Country Girl Looks for Her Husband (1956)    
    How Wong Fei-Hung Saved the Dragon's Mother's Temple (1956)