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尚格雲頓  ♂
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Born: October 10th, 1960

Filmography (1986-2015)
  Actor (5 films)
    No Retreat, No Surrender (1986) ... Ivan Krishinsky
    Bloodsport (1988) ... Frank Dux
    Double Team (1997) ... Jack Quinn
    Knock Off (1998) ... Marcus Ray
    Jian Bing Man (2015) ... Jean-Claude Van Damme
  Real Name: Jean-Claude Francois Camille Van Varenberg.

Trained in martial arts at the age of 12 from Claude Goetz. Competed as a teenager and won numerous matches under his birth name. Came to Hollywood with aspirations of being an actor. Started out using the name "Frank Cujo", but it was while working as a stuntman on MISSING IN ACTION (1984) that Chuck Norris, impressed with the young Van Varenberg's talents, suggested the name "Jean-Claude Van Damme".

Trademark moves: Helicopter kick and full splits.