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Yang Shiow-Shan
Yeung Sau-San,  Yan Shu-San,  Lau Ju-San,  Yang Show-San
Filmography (1963-1982)
  Costume Designer (1 film)
    The Honest Hero and the Faithful Dog (1963)    
  Planning (1 film)
    Legend of Romantic Love (1980)    
  Production Manager (10 films)
    The Master Sword (1969)    
    The Golden Sabre (1969)    
    Single Girl (1970)    
    God and I (1970)    
    My Broken Heart (1970)    
    Love Is Splendid Thing (1971)    
    The Fast Fists (1972)    
    Who Says the Hen Can't Bear Eggs (1972)    
    The Romance of the West Chamber (1979)    
    Seven Knights (1982)