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尤敏  ♀
Lucilla Yu Ming
You Min,  Yau Mun,  Yau Man,  Yew Ming,  Bi Yu-Yi
Born: August 19th, 1936 - Died: December 29th, 1996

Filmography (1952-1968)
  Actor (40 films)
    Love in the Bloom (1952) ... Fang Feng-Wen
    Tomorrow (1952) ... Fang Feng-Wen
    The Third Life (1953)    
    Black Gloves (1953) ... Zhang Mei-Xia
    Girls in Transformation (1954)    
    Temptation (1954) ... Luo Jiahe
    Beyond the Grave (1954) ... Lian Suo
    The Feud (1955)    
    Heart Break Well (1955)    
    The Error (1956)    
    A Lovely Heart (1956) ... Li Yanming
    Our Good Daughter (1956) ... Li Yun-Fen
    Autumn Affair (1956)    
    The Greatest Circus on Earth (1957) ... Xiaoniu
    The Frosty Night (1957)    
    A Marriage for Love (1957)    
    Love with an Alien (1958) ... Fang Yin
    An Appointment After Dark (1958)    
    Dan Fung Street (1958)    
    Love and War (1959)    
    Her Tender Heart (1959) ... Li Pei-Ying
    All in the Family (1959) ... Tu Hui-Fang
    Eve of the Wedding (1960) ... Hua Xiaoqing
    Happily Ever After (1960) ... Mei Wan-Ping
    Tragic Melody (1960) ... Jin Xiaotao
    Song Without Words (1961) ... Xu Qiuling
    A Night in Hong Kong (1961) ... Wu Lihong
    Sun, Moon and Star (Part 1) (1961) ... Chu Lan
    Sun, Moon and Star (Part 2) (1961) ... Zhu Lan
    Lily of the Valley (1962) ... Chen Yulian
    Three Gentlemen From Hong Kong Return (1962) ... Liu Xiu-Min
    Her Pearly Tears (1962) ... Jiaonu / Tao Wanzhu
    Three Gentlemen from Tokyo (1962) ... Liu Xiumin
    Star of Hong Kong (1963) ... Wang Xing-Lian
    Father Takes a Bride (1963) ... Wang Ching-Hui
    Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hawaii (1963) ... Wu Ailing
    The Magic Lamp (1964) ... Liu Yanchang (young)
    Romance of the Forbidden City (1964) ... Dong Xiao-Wan
    Liang San Poh and Chu Ing Tai (1964) ... Chu Ying-Tai
    Teenage Holiday (1968)    
  You Min was the eldest daughter of the famous Cantonese opera actor Pak Yuk Tong. She learnt the art of Cantonese opera from his father as a child, and they even sometimes appeared on stage together. In 1952, she joined Shaw & Son and played in Anything Can Happen, Beyond the Grave, The Feud and other films. In 1958 You switched to MP & GI for which she made Her Tender Heart and All in the Family, which made her Best Actress twice in a row at the Asian Film Festival. In 1961, she became the first ever Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards with Sun, Moon and Star. Her other well known films are A Night in Hong Kong, Songs without Words, Romance of the Forbidden City, Father Takes a Bride, Liang San Pok and Chu Ing Tai and so on. You married and retired in 1964.
Source: HKTB