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林黛  ♀
Linda Lin Dai
Lam Doi,  Lin Dai
Born: December 27th, 1934 - Died: July 17th, 1964

Filmography (1953-1967)
  Actor (42 films)
    Singing Under the Moon (1953) ... Cui Cui (Tsai Tsai)
    Spring Is in the Air (1954) ... Zhong Feng Yi
    Unspeakable Truths (1955) ... Tu Chen-Chu
    Miss Kikuko (1956) ... Kikuko Yamada
    Fisherman's Delight (1956) ... Ah Ying
    Golden Phoenix (1956) ... Jin Feng
    The Orphan Girl (1956) ... Mei Jie
    Love Is Like a Running Brook (1956) ... Sun Hsiao Feng
    Merry-Go-Round (1956) ... Jin
    Siren, Parts I and II (1956) ... Shi Li Fang
    The Chase (1956) ... Zhang Xiu Juan
    A Mating Story (1957) ... Zhu Yu Zhen/Zhang Ma
    Golden Lotus (1957) ... Chin Lien-Hua (Golden Lotus)/Chen Shu-We
    Lady in Distress (1957) ... Jin Lan
    The Battle of Love (1957) ... Yeh Wei-Fang
    A Mellow Spring (1957) ... Zi Qin
    Hong Kong Tokyo Honeymoon (1957) ... Shen Li Hua
    The Valley of the Lost Soul (1957) ... Cui Ling Xiu
    Laughter and Tears (1958) ... Tao Gui Ru
    Scarlet Doll (1958) ... Hong Wa
    Diau Charn (1958) ... Diau Charn / Diao Chan
    The Film World's Merry Song (1958)    
    The More the Merrier (1959) ... Hu Yi Mei
    The Kingdom and the Beauty (1959) ... Li Feng/Ta Feng
    Spring Frolic (1959) ... Lin Hai Lun
    Lady on the Roof (1959) ... Zhao Wen Ying
    Desire (1959) ... Guang Mei Hsi
    Cinderella and Her Little Angels (1959) ... Wang Dan Ying
    Bachelors Beware (1960) ... Ting Hsiao Yuan/Ding Xiaoyuan
    Les Belles (1961) ... Lan Lan
    The Swallow (1961) ... Yin Niu (the Swallow Thief)
    Meng Lisi, Maid of the Jungle (1961) ... Meng Li Si
    The Fair Sex (1961) ... [Cameo]
    Love Without End (1961) ... Li Qingqing
    Madame White Snake (1962) ... Pai Su Chen (White Snake)
    Love Parade (1963) ... Dr Ye De Mei
    The Last Woman of Shang (1964) ... Su Da Ji
    Beyond the Great Wall (1964) ... Concubine Wang Chao Chun
    The Lotus Lamp (1965) ... Lady San/Liu Chen-Hsiung
    The Blue and the Black (Part 1) (1966) ... Tang Qi
    The Blue and the Black (Part 2) (1966) ... Tang Qi
    The Mirror (1967) ... Sun Yu-Hsia
  Costume Designer (1 film)
    Love Parade (1963)    
  Godmother to Petrina Fung Bo Bo.

The original screen goddess of Mandarin-language films. Lin Dai was born as Cheng Yue-ru to a politician's family in Guangxi, China in 1934. Lin migrated to Hong Kong with her family in 1948. She joined Yung Hwa Film Company in 1952 after leaving the Great Wall Studio, where she joined a year earlier, and made her big-screen debut in Singing Under The Moon. The film made her an instant success.
For the next decade, Lin's star would burn with ferocious brightness as she won the hearts of audiences with more than 40 films. Off the screen, she married tycoon Long Sheng-xun in 1961 at the age of 26.
Lin won over the critics by winning an unprecedented four best actress awards at the Asian Film Festival for The Golden Lotus, Diau Charn, Les Belles and Love Without End during her career.
Sadly, she committed suicide in 1964, leaving behind two unfinished films, The Lotus Lamp and The Blue And The Black (1 and 2). In 1995, Lin Dai was the only Mandarin movie star featured in the Hong Kong Movie Stars stamp collection released by the Hong Kong Post Office. It is an evident that Lin Dai is still living in the hearts of many Chinese audiences even though she has passed away for almost forty years.

"Taken from the IVL Les Belles DVD"