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葛蘭  ♀
Grace Chang
Ge Lan
Born: June 13th, 1933 (China)

Filmography (1953-1964)
  Actor (34 films)
    Diamond Flower (1953) ... Sun Chiao-Yun
    Seven Sisters (1953) ... [Intro]
    Blood-Stained Flowers (1954)    
    It Blossoms Again (1954) ... Hsiao Shu-Wen
    Flying Tigers (1956)    
    Red Bloom in the Snow (1956) ... Hsiao He-Hua
    Surprise (1956)    
    The Ingenious Seduction (1956)    
    The Long Lane (1956) ... Miss Kang Shu-Ying
    Over the Rolling Hills (1956)    
    The Story of a Fur Coat (1956) ... Yi-Lan
    Mambo Girl (1957) ... Li Kai-Ling
    Booze, Boobs and Bucks (1957) ... Lan Ying
    Love and Crime (1957) ... Lan Hsin
    Murder in the Night (1957)    
    Torrents of Desire (1958)    
    The Golden Phoenix (1958)    
    Crimes of Passion (1959)    
    Spring Song (1959) ... Li Qing-Ping
    Air Hostess (1959) ... Lin Ke-Ping
    Our Dream Car (1959) ... Lee Jiaying
    My Darling Sister (1959) ... Li Mingming
    Girl with a Thousand Guises (1959) ... Ku Ling-Hsiu/Hua Yan-Hung
    The June Bride (1960) ... Wang Danlin
    Forever Yours (1960) ... Yu Liying
    The Loving Couple (1960) ... Wang Naili
    Miss Pony-Tail (1960) ... Li Kuei Lan
    The Wild, Wild Rose (1960) ... Deng Zijia (AKA The Wild Rose)
    Sun, Moon and Star (Part 1) (1961) ... Ma Chiu-Ming
    Sun, Moon and Star (Part 2) (1961) ... Ma Qiuming
    Because of Her (1963) ... Li Meixin
    The Magic Lamp (1964) ... Goddess of Mountain Hua
    A Story of Three Loves (Part 1) (1964) ... Nina He / Shen Fenxi
    A Story of Three Loves (Part 2) (1964) ... Nina He / Shen Fenxi

Ge Lan was born in Haining City, Zhejiang Province (South-West China) and was brought up in Shanghai. In 1949 her family emigrated to Hong Kong, where she studied singing and later acting. After her graduation in 1952, she joined Taishan Film Company, where soon she debuted in movies with "Seven Sisters". In 1959 she joined MP&GI, later Cathay, and resumed her artistic relationship with reputed director Evan Yang. This same year she appeared in "The Dinah Shore Show" for NBC TV, and became the first Chinese actress who performed in the American TV station. In 1961, American Capitol record company published "Hong Kong's Grace Chang: The Nightingale of the Orient". On June 15, she married rich merchant Gao Fu Chuan and in 1964 she left the movie world. Also in

Soldier of Fortune (1955)