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鍾麗蓉  ♀
Chung Lai-Yung
New Hung Sin-Nui

Filmography (1952-1963)
  Actor (14 films)
    Her Perilous Adventures (1952)    
    It's Fun Getting Together (1954)    
    Third-master Sha, the Heart-Stealer (1954)    
    How the Scholar Tong Pak-Fu Won the Maid Chau-Heung (1954)    
    Heartbreak Petals (1954)    
    The Opera Boat at Star Island (1955) ... Ying Lai-Pak
    Follow the Custom (1955)    
    Backyard Adventures (1955) ... Onlooker
    Journey to the West (1956)    
    How Wong Fei-Hung Vanquished the Bully at the Red Opera Float (1956)    
    Magistrate Kiu's Careless Matching (1956)    
    Prince of Thieves (1958)    
    The Revenge of a Forlorn Wife (1960)    
    Two Sisters (1963)