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吳君麗  ♀
Ng Kwun-Lai
Ng Kwan-Lai,  Wu Jun-Li
Born: January 29th, 1934 (Guangdong, China) - Died: September 26th, 2018

Filmography (1955-1967)
  Actor (157 films)
    The Model and the Car (1955)    
    Teenage Romance (1955)    
    A King's Revenge (1955)    
    Meng Lijun and the Amorous King (1955)    
    Is Parents' Love Ever Rewarded? (1955)    
    Bad-luck for the Fishmonger at Tortoise Hill (1955)    
    Her Envious Beauty (1956)    
    How Zhou Yu Was Thrice Defeated by Kong Ming (1956)    
    Lu Mengzheng Prays to the Stove God (1956)    
    Jing Ke Assassinates the King of Qin (1956)    
    How Liang Hongyu's War Drum Caused the Jin Army to Retreat (1956) ... Leang Hung-yuk/Red Jade
    Bloodshed in the Chu Palace (1956)    
    The Immortal Ho Sin Ku's Six Crossings (1957)    
    The Immortal Romance of the Red Leaf (1957)    
    Tricking the Lords with Beacon Fires (1957)    
    The Phoenix Hairpin (1957)    
    Haunted Bridge (1957)    
    Judge Bao's Daughter Gets Married (1957)    
    Lovers at the Mercy of the Sword (1957)    
    Martyrs of Ming (1957)    
    The Big Battle (1957)    
    The Princess Joins the Chu Army (1957)    
    My Wife Married My Brother (1957)    
    The Story of Sit Ping-Kwai and Wong Bo-Chuen (1957) ... Wong Bo-Chuen
    Headless Queen Bears a Son (Part 2) (1957)    
    Second Bloom (1957)    
    Luo Tong Conquers the North (1957)    
    The Beauty's Grave (1957)    
    Virtuous Daughter-in-Law Sells Well-Behaved Child (1958)    
    A Pair of Silent Enemies (1958)    
    Fan Lihua Bears a Son in the Golden-Light Militia (1958)    
    How Xue Gang Smashed the Temple (1958)    
    The Marriage of the 2 Beautiful Kiu Sisters (1958)    
    Heartbreak Plaque (1958)    
    Zhang Xun Slays His Concubine to Please the Army (1958)    
    The Rouge Well (1958)    
    Massacre of the Innocents (1958)    
    Sad Tale of the Lotus Flower (1958)    
    The Carp Spirit (1958)    
    The False Accusation of Mother (1958)    
    Substituting a Racoon for the Prince (1958)    
    The Tragedy of Han Palace (1958)    
    Two Immortals at the Pavilion of the Moon (1958)    
    Love Under the Festival Lanterns (1959)    
    Shattering the Copper Net Array (1959)    
    Seven Heroes Spy on Chongxiao Bower (1959)    
    Boat-girls' Battle for Love (1959)    
    A Sorceress Lights the Lamp of Heaven (1959) ... Law Buk
    The Romantic Scatterbrain (1959)    
    The Case of the Human Head (Part 1) (1959)    
    The Case of the Human Head (Part 2) (1959)    
    Now That I've Got a Son, Everything's O.K. (1959)    
    The Whims of the Heart (1959)    
    Two Good-for-Nothings (1959)    
    Happy Lovers (1959)    
    Red and Bloody Is the Cuckoo's Song (1959)    
    Breaking the Coffin to Rescue Mother (1959)    
    Fete of the White Hare (1959)    
    Wife-Teasing at the Honeymoon (1960)    
    River of Mandarin Duck (Part 1) (1960)    
    River of Mandarin Duck (Part 2) (1960)    
    Escape from Banishment (1960)    
    Last Minute (1960) ... Luk Yin-Chi
    The Unroyal Prince (1960)    
    How Zhen E Slew the Tiger (1960)    
    The Unknown Benefactress (1960)    
    Filial Piety (1960)    
    Good Humanity (1960) ... Wai-Yin, wife
    Parent's Love (Part 1) (1960)    
    Parent's Love (Part 2) (1960)    
    A Wonderful Petition (Part 1) (1960)    
    Monarchical Restoration (1960)    
    A Sound Judgement (1960)    
    Beauty in Tears (Part 1) (1960)    
    Beauty in Tears (Part 2) (1960)    
    A Song to Remember (Part 1) (1960)    
    A Song to Remember (Part 2) (1960)    
    Patriotic Heroine (1960)    
    Traitrous Queen (1960)    
    The Bridge (Part 1) (1961) ... Ho Kam-Ying
    The Bridge (Part 2) (1961)    
    An Aristocratic Affair (1961)    
    Miu Tribe (1961)    
    Love's Obligation (1961) ... Kwok-Yuen
    A Written Petition (1961)    
    A Remindful Poem (1961)    
    Tears of Isolated Phoenix (1961)    
    The Cruel King (1961)    
    Sword and 9 Rings (Part 1) (1961)    
    Sword and 9 Rings (Part 2) (1961)    
    I Cannot Love You (1961)    
    Pair of Jade Butterfly (1961)    
    The Stove Fire (1961)    
    Heroine of Flower (Part 1) (1961)    
    Heroine of Flower (Part 2) (1961)    
    Lui Po (1961)    
    Beauty (1961) ... Gold Ball Princess
    Mummy in Play (1961)    
    The Strange Hero Fen Ju-Hua (1962)    
    A Couple in Cold War (1962)    
    The Devil Bell (1962)    
    Showdown at the Hall of Yan (1962)    
    The Haunchback Hero (1962)    
    Returning Home on a Snowy Night (1962)    
    Rendezvous at Baidi City (1962) ... Zhao queen Chui-ping
    Compilation of Dacheng Colours (1963)    
    The Gallant Hua Yunlong (1963)    
    The Big Revenge (Part 1) (1963)    
    The Big Revenge (Part 2) (1963)    
    The Blood-Stained Cup (1963)    
    It's Sweet to Die for One's Love (1963)    
    Happy Ending (1963)    
    Lust Is the Worst Vice (1963)    
    A Mother's Tears (1963)    
    I am the Murderer (1963) ... Do's daughter/Kim Ching's wife
    The Poisonous Cicada (1963)    
    Half a Sword (Part 1) (1963) ... (2)Bin Ling-Kwun/Tai Tin-Sau
    Half a Sword (Part 2) (1963) ... Tai Tin Sau/Ling-Kwun
    A Woman from the North and a Man from the South (1964)    
    Sad Autumn (1964)    
    The 9 Phoenixes of the City (1964)    
    Bloody Palm Print (1964)    
    The Factory Rose (1964)    
    The Conquering Sword (1964)    
    Mysterious Murder (1964)    
    I Did My Best (1964) ... Wai Suk-Mei
    Love Thy Neighbours (1964) ... Lee Siu-Fung
    A Lonely Heart (1964)    
    Autumn Love (1964)    
    A Teasing Game (1964)    
    The Teacher Who Knows Everything (1964)    
    All Are Happy (1964)    
    The Ambitious Prince (1965)    
    Looking For Her Husband (1965)    
    Loyalty (1965)    
    Whatever You Say, My Darling Wife (1965)    
    My Many Sons and Grandsons (1965)    
    Your Infinitive Kindness (1965) ... Mother/daughter, Chi-Kwun
    The Blood-Stained Butterly Mountain (1965) ... Choi Sak-ying
    Blood No. 1 (1965) ... Agent No. 1/Cheung Lo-Sa
    Agent Black Spider (1965)    
    Country Boy Goes to Town (1965)    
    Ji Gong and the 8 Immortals (1966)    
    Mirror of Revenge (1966)    
    Getting the Wrong Message (1966)    
    Green Is the Grass (1966) ... Chow Chuen Lan/Kwok Siu Lan
    Night of the Opera Stars (1966)    
    The Impartial and Incorruptible Bao Gong (1967) ... Lui Fung-ying
    Uproar in Jade Hall (1967) ... Princess Jasper Flower
    Terrors Over Nothing (1967)    
    Who Should Be the Commander-in-Chief? (1967)    
    Madame Lee Sze-Sze (1967) ... Madame Lee Sze-Sze
    A Gifted Scholar and a Beautiful Maid (1967)    
    Lady Flying Dragon (1967) ... Lee Sau-Lan
    The Long Journey Home (1967) ... Lo Hoi York
    Romance Across the Miles (1967) ... Lui Suk-Ying
    The Full Moon (1967) ... Lui Suk-Ying
  Producer (2 films)
    It's Sweet to Die for One's Love (1963)    
    A Lonely Heart (1964)    

Renowned female artist Ng Kwan Lai, born Ng Wan, first came to prominence in 1955 when, as founder of the Lai Sing Opera Troupe, her brilliant performance in How Leung Hung Yuk's War Drum Caused the Jin Army to Retreat established her status as one of the most successful artists playing the fa dan role in Cantonese Opera. Her popularity grew rapidly following her performances in A Beauty's Grave, Madam Lee Sam Neung and Presenting a Sword at Hundred-Flower Pavilion, written by the legendary playwright Tong Tik Sang, and this repertoire formed her signature works while also becoming classic masterpieces of Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong. Blessed with a clear and pleasant voice, Ng was adept at playing the tsing yi, kwei mun dan and female martial roles. Viewers were impressed by her superb performance both on the stage and the silver screen.