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何夢華  ♂
Ho Meng-Hua
Ho Meng-Hua,  Ho Mong-Hwa,  Homer Gaugh
Born: 1923 (Shanghai, China) - Died: May 19th, 2009

Filmography (1953-1992)
  Actor (1 film)
    Tales of Larceny (1973) ... 1) Soldier at festival
  Director (59 films)
    An Appointment After Dark (1958)    
    Red Lantern (1958)    
    The Model's Romance (1959)    
    Day-Time Husband (1959)    
    Enchanted Melody (1959)    
    The Wild Girl (1960)    
    Rendezvous in the South Sea (1960)    
    Malayan Affair (1960)    
    East Flows the River (1960)    
    The Secret of Miss Pai (1960)    
    The Girl Next Door (1961)    
    Till the Clouds Roll by (1961)    
    Mung Li Chuen (1963)    
    To Catch a Murderer (1963)    
    My Lucky Star (1963)    
    The Adulteress (1963)    
    A Maid from Heaven (1963)    
    Between Tears and Laughter (1964)    
    The Warlord and the Actress (1964)    
    Crocodile River (1965)    
    The Monkey Goes West (1966)    
    Princess Iron Fan (1966)    
    The King with My Face (1967)    
    The Cave of the Silken Web (1967)    
    The Midnight Murder (1967)    
    Susanna (1967)    
    The Land of Many Perfumes (1968)    
    Killer Darts (1968)    
    The Jade Raksha (1968)    
    The Golden Meteor (1969)    
    Vengeance Is a Golden Blade (1969)    
    The Black Enforcer (1969)    
    Lady of Steel (1970)    
    The Lady Hermit (1971)    
    The Long Chase (1971)    
    Ambush (1971)    
    The Golden Lion (1971)    
    The Human Goddess (1972)    
    The Kiss of Death (1973)    
    The Master of Kung Fu (1973)    
    The Sinful Adulteress (1974)    
    Young Passion (1974)    
    The Flying Guillotine (1975)    
    All Mixed Up (1975)    
    Black Magic (1975)    
    The Criminals (1976)    
    The Dragon Missile (1976)    
    Oily Maniac (1976)    
    Black Magic, Part II (1976)    
    The Mighty Peking Man (1977)    
    Dreams of Eroticism (1977)    
    The Vengeful Beauty (1978)    
    The Psychopath (1978)    
    Shaolin Hand Lock (1978)    
    Mad Mad Kung Fu (1979)    
    Shaolin Abbot (1979)    
    Swift Sword (1980)    
    Mr. Kwong Tung and the Robber (1980)    
    Evil Black Magic (1992)    
  Writer (11 films)
    The Valiant Dog (1953)    
    Romance in the West Chamber (1955)    
    The Mystery of the Human Head (1955)    
    Autumn Affair (1956)    
    Enchanted Melody (1959)    
    The Wild Girl (1960)    
    Malayan Affair (1960)    
    The Jade Raksha (1968)    
    Vengeance Is a Golden Blade (1969)    
    The Long Chase (1971)    
    The Human Goddess (1972)    
  Assistant Director (5 films)
    Orchid of the Valley (1954)    
    Miss Kikuko (1956)    
    Rainstorm in Chinatown (1956)    
    Nonya and Baba (1956)    
    The Valley of the Lost Soul (1957)    
  Lyrics (1 film)
    The Land of Many Perfumes (1968)    
  One of Shaw Brothers' most prolific directors, Ho Meng-hua was a Cantonese born in Shanghai in 1923. He studied at a Shanghai theatrical academy and moved to Hong Kong in 1949, joined Shaw Brothers in 1955. By 1957 he had worked his way up to director, his directorial debut being An Appointment After Dark released in 1958. He moved on to direct approximately fifty films for Shaw Brothers, ranging to all genres and reflecting the changes in Hong Kong audience tastes from female-oriented romances of the 1960s to the male-dominated action pictures of the 1970s. His most memorable pictures was the quartet of fantastic comedies based on the classic novel Journey to the West: The Monkey Goes West, Princess Iron Fan, The Cave of Silken Web, and The Land of Many Perfumes. Ho's last film for Shaw Brothers was Swift Sword, released in 1980, soon after which he retired from the motion picture business.

- from the Celestial Pictures release of The Lady Hermit

Passed away in Hong Kong on May 19th 2009.