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成笑民  ♂
Seong So-Min
Shing Siu-Man,  Cheng Xiao-Min
Born: January 20th, 1922 (South Korea) - Died: November 22nd, 1982

Filmography (1966-1971)
  Actor (9 films)
    The Goddess of Mercy (1966)    
    The International Secret Agents (1966)    
    That Man in Chang-An (1967) ... Hun general
    My Mind With You Even If Leaving (1969)    
    Lady Hong the Beauty (1969)    
    Kings of Blade and Sword (1969) ... Village Head Chang Yu-Tang
    The Shanghai Provisional Government (1969)    
    The Little Boy Swordsman (1970)    
    Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter (1971)