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張清  ♂
Cheung Ching
Chang Ching
Born: October 9th, 1935 - Died: May 21st, 2005

Filmography (1956-1992)
  Actor (68 films)
    Night in Kuala Lumpur (1956)    
    Fire (1956)    
    The Body of a Blackmailer (1956) ... Yeung Chi-Fai
    Romance in Singapore (1956)    
    My Eligible Son-in-Law (1956)    
    Her Tragic Death (1957) ... Wu Tak-Kei
    The Old Man of Southeast Asia (1958)    
    How the Black Hero Captured the Criminal (1958)    
    Pin-up Girl (1958)    
    They All Say I Do (1960) ... Lee Si-ho
    The Seven Lucky Ones (1960) ... Kwok Fai
    Miss Pony-Tail (1960) ... Tao Hung Sheng
    The Greatest Civil War on Earth (1961) ... Mai Yung-Hui
    Beauty Parade (1961) ... Kuo Yin Tien
    The Greatest Wedding on Earth (1962) ... Fai/Ching-Man
    Double Date (1962) ... Yung Kai-Sau
    The Wonderful Years (1963)    
    One Queen and Three Kings (1963) ... Wong Chiu
    The Young Boss of the Factory (1963)    
    Forever Together (1963) ... Chiu Kwok-Leung
    Cheating Is All We Do (1964) ... Chu Wai
    Devil's Love (1964) ... Chan Yat-Fan
    A Blundering Wife (1964) ... Cheng Sai-ho
    Desperately in Love (1964) ... Wong Kar-Tat
    Diary of a Chauvinistic Husband (Part 2) (1964) ... Chan Chin-Chung
    All Are Happy (1964)    
    Eighteen Powerful Swords (1965)    
    Playful Young Folks (1965)    
    Master Cute (1965) ... Mister Chun
    Book Without Words (1965) ... Kot Siu Kwun
    Affection (1966)    
    The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua (1966) ... Policeman
    Master Cute and Da Fanshu (1966) ... Mr.Chun
    The Golden Cup and the Wandering Dragon (1966)    
    Violet Girl (1966) ... Mok Yu-Fuk
    The Golden Cup, the Wandering Dragon and the Decree to Kill (1966)    
    Girls Are Flowers (1966) ... Ming-Sun
    The Woman in Black and the Black Dragon (1966) ... Commissioner Suen
    The Espionage (1966)    
    Miss. Mr. Mrs. (1967)    
    The Black Swan (1967) ... Poon Ming
    The Young Daughter-in-Law (1967) ... Gam Ga-Fuk
    The Charming Little Bird (1967) ... Sin's brother
    Good Wife (1967) ... Chan Wong-Choi
    The Iron Lady Against the One-eyed Dragon (1967)    
    Golden Skeleton (1967) ... (not seen)
    Opposite Love (1968) ... Laap Keung
    A Romantic Thief (1968) ... Wong Chi-Ming
    The Admirers of the Girl in the Mini-skirt (1968) ... Cheung Chau-Ping
    Love Him, Miss Him, Hate Him (1968) ... Ho Chung-Ping
    A Time for Reunion (1968) ... Cheung Wah-Lun
    The Smart Master and the Shrewd Rich Girl (1969) ... Ko Kwong-Leung
    The Joys and Sorrows of Youth (1969) ... Tommy Wu
    Miss Fragrance (1969) ... Ng Tai-Fong
    Wise Wives and Foolish Husbands (1969) ... Ching Wan
    Dragon Flies While Phoenix Dances (1969) ... Chow Fook
    A Lucky New Home (1969) ... Yeung Chi-Wah
    To Catch a Cat (1969)    
    Mother Wants Me to Get Married (1969) ... David Wong
    Girls Are Flowers (1969)    
    A Child in Need of a Mother's Love (1969)    
    The Liar (1969) ... Chou Si-Sang
    Let's Build a Family (1969)    
    My Sweetheart (1969) ... Chan Kwok-Wah
    I'll Get You One Day (1970) ... Detective sergeant
    The Wedding Gown (1970) ... Kong Hak Kun
    The Fascination Love (1970) ... Li Chun
    The Master (1992) ... Clerk of Int'l Publication
  Producer (1 film)
    Wise Wives and Foolish Husbands (1969)    
  Cantonese film era star Cheung Ching who passed away on the 21st in Los Angeles at the age of 69. Known as "Genius Ching", he has worked with many stars like Connie Chan Bo Chu and Josephine Siao Fong Fong. Joining the film industry at the age of 17, he swore to become the lead actor in a year. Finally he achieved his dream in only a few months; later he joined Commercial Radio and was promoted from broadcaster to producer. In 1962 he joined Hong Kong's first television station RTV and was considered a first generation television professional. He elevated to promotional department manager to program director. Cheung Ching has had a successful career and a happy family with his wife, two sons and two daughters. In 1976 his 14 year old Cheung Kwong Ming drowned in Los Angeles, which made him realize how short life was. After struggling in Hong Kong for over 20 years he decided to give up everything for his family. In 1977 he immigrated to America, started over and became a Christian. In 1982 his second son Kwong Fai was severely injured and immobilized in a traffic accident.
- From NO TOP TEN CENTRAL (5/2005)