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黃文平  ♂
Hwang Mun-Pyeong
Huang Wen-Ping,  Wong Man-Ping,  Hwang Hae-Chang,  황문평
Born: October 23rd, 1920 (South Korea) - Died: 2004

Filmography (1959-1981)
  Music (13 films)
    Red Turn the Flowers When Down Come the Showers (1959)    
    Since Your Departure (1965)    
    Mounted Bandits (1967)    
    Flying Tiger (1968)    
    Armless Swordsman (1969)    
    Sad Story of a Faithful Woman (1969)    
    Men Zoo (1969)    
    The Magic Palm (1971)    
    First Sword in the Middle-Land (1971)    
    Henan Do Not Bend (1973)    
    The Undefeatable Sword and Martial Arts (1980)    
    Hitman in the Hand of Buddha (1981)    
    Revenge of Drunken Master (1981)