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張靚穎  ♀
Jane Zhang Liang-Ying
Cheung Ching-Wing,  Jane Zhang Liangying
Born: October 11th, 1984 (China)

Filmography (2006-2011)
  Actor (2 films)
    McDull, the Alumni (2006) ... Human McDull
    One 2008th (2009) ... 6)
  Singer (1 film)
    Treasure Hunt (2011)    
  Came in third in the wildly popular 2005 Super Girls singing contest but generally acknowledged as the best singer. Sang the theme songs for The Banquet and Painted Skin, Painted Skin 2, Meet Miss Anxiety, The Monkey King 3. Also, Panda Express, Mulan and TV serials. Lee's Adventure.