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He Mao-Gang
He Maogang,  Ho Mau-Kong
Filmography (1934-1962)
  Sound Mixer (1 film)
    The Boatman's Daughter (1935)    
  Sound Recordist (17 films)
    A Bible for Girls (1934)    
    Lonely Orchid (1934)    
    Twin Sisters (1934)    
    The Night Is Fragrant (1935)    
    Down-Trodden Peach Blossom (1935)    
    Tian Cong Ren Yuan (1944)    
    An All-Consuming Love (1947)    
    You're Smart in One Way, I'm in Another (1947)    
    New Arabian Nights (1947)    
    A Dream of Spring (1947)    
    The Closer the Better (1952)    
    Joyous Reunion (1952)    
    Stooge Hero and Beautiful Siren (1952)    
    A Woman's Love (1953)    
    Rainstorm in Chinatown (1956)    
    The Autumn Phoenix (1957)    
    Romance of the Wild Rose (1962)