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施伯約  ♂
Sze Pak-Yeuk
Sze Pak-Yuek,  See Pak-Yeuk
Filmography (1949-1951)
  Actor (10 films)
    Peach Blossom Girl's Magic (1949) ... God of Black Curse
    Lee Yuen-Ba (1949)    
    Prince Ciyun Flees His Country (1950)    
    The Battle Between Ne Zha and the Scarlet Boy (1950)    
    The Battle Between Monkey and Gold Spotted Leopard (1950)    
    Blood, Rouge and Tears (1950)    
    How the Immortal Cripple Lee Slew the Dragon in the North Sea (1950)    
    How Nazha Thrice Tricked the Six-eared Monkey (1950) ... Pigsy
    Flying Swordsman's Adventures on the Island of Wind and Fire (1951) ... Chi Tung
    The Story of Hua Mulan (1951)