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何麗莉  ♀
He Li-Li
Hoh Lai-Lee ,  Lin Chia-Li,  Lam Kai-Lee

Filmography (1987-1989)
  Actor (10 films)
    Tao Cuo Lao Po Xia Cuo Dan (1987)    
    The Distinctive Character of Youth (1987)    
    Lover and Killer (1987)    
    Liu Chai Ghost Story (1987) ... Peony Pai
    Women Appartment Building (1988)    
    Degenarated Society (1988)    
    Sex of the Imperial (1988)    
    Women Are Dangerous (1988)    
    Kung Fu Student (1989)    
    I Love You Baby (1989)    
  Later became a politician under the name He Li-Li 何麗莉