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Chen Yung-Sih
Yan Wing-Hei,  Chen Wing-Si
Filmography (1974-1979)
  Props (12 films)
    The Looks of Hong Kong (1974)    
    Hong Kong Superman (1975)    
    Fertility Bank (1975)    
    The Eternal Obsession (1976)    
    Massage Girls (1976)    
    Bed for Day, Bed for Night (1977)    
    Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin (1977)    
    Miss "O" (1978)    
    For Whom to Be Murdered (1978)    
    Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat (1978)    
    Kung Fu Genius (1979)    
    Snake in the Monkey's Shadow (1979)