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華山  ♂
Hua Shan
Hwa San,  Wa Saan,  Hua San,  Wa Yat-Wang,  Hwa I-Hung,  Hua Yi-Hong
Born: February 9th, 1942 (Shanghai, China)

Filmography (1970-1991)
  Actor (2 films)
    The Fatal Flying Guillotines (1977)    
    The Call-Girls (1977) ... (only in Interview)
  Director (30 films)
    From the Underworld (1974)    
    The Super Inframan (1975)    
    The Criminals (1976)    
    Brotherhood (1976)    
    Homicides - The Criminals, Part II (1976)    
    Arson - The Criminals, Part III (1977)    
    To Kill a Jaguar (1977)    
    Last Strike (1977)    
    Dreams of Eroticism (1977)    
    Gang of Four (1978)    
    Flying Guillotine, Part II (1978)    
    Dynamo (1978)    
    Soul of the Sword (1978)    
    Island of Virgins (1978)    
    Hello Sexy Late Homecomers (1978)    
    The Gory Murder (1978)    
    The Brothers (1979)    
    Killing Does Not Pay (1979)    
    He Who Never Dies (1979)    
    Crystal Fist (1979)    
    Sun Dragon (1979)    
    Struggle to Survive (1980)    
    Kung Fu Zombie (1981)    
    Bloody Parrot (1981)    
    Portrait in Crystal (1983)    
    Tales of a Eunuch (1983)    
    Usurpers of Emperor's Power (1983)    
    Little Dragon Maiden (1983)    
    Disciples of Shaolin Temple (1985)    
    Angel Force (1991)    
  Writer (2 films)
    He Who Never Dies (1979)    
    Kung Fu Zombie (1981)    
  Cinematographer (14 films)
    The Wandering Swordsman (1970)    
    The Winged Tiger (1970)    
    The Chinese Boxer (1970)    
    Deaf and Mute Heroine (1971)    
    The Mad Killer (1971)    
    The Casino (1972)    
    Love and Blood (1972)    
    The 14 Amazons (1972)    
    The Brutal Boxer (1972)    
    Tough Guy (1972)    
    The Thunder Kick (1973)    
    The Awaken Punch (1973)    
    Adventure in Denmark (1973)    
    Wits to Wits (1974)    
  Born in Shanghai, 1942, Hua graduated from the Shanghai Film Institute spezialicing in cinematography. He joined Shaw Brothers in 1963 as an assistant cinematographer to Nishimoto Tadashi (Ho Lan-Shan); and was promoted to cinematographer five years later, shooting for various films including Hsin Chiang's "Winged Tiger" and Jimmy Wang Yu's directorial debut "The Chinese Boxer". Hua got his own directorial debut in 1974 with "From the Underworld", financed by a Japanese-owned production company. He returned to Shaw the following year helming "The Super-Inframan", "The Brotherhood", and three episodes of the popular series "The Criminal". Using his pseudonym of Hua Yi-Hung, Hua was able to try his hand at a completely different style of directing with "Struggle to Survive", a controversial drama on illegal immigrants from China. (From the Celestial DVD edition of "The Super-Inframan").