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杜蝶  ♀
Elsie Tu Tieh
Elsie Tu,  Tu Tieh

Filmography (1965-1968)
  Actor (7 films)
    The Lotus Lamp (1965) ... Lin Dai's double
    Call of the Sea (1965) ... Lu Hsiao-Yu
    Move Over, Darling (1965) ... Su Fei-Ya (Sophia)
    The Blue and the Black (Part 1) (1966) ... Tang Qi [Double Lin Dai]
    The Blue and the Black (Part 2) (1966) ... Tang Qi [Double Lin Dai]
    Forever Diamonds (1968) ... Jenny Wang Zhen-Ni
    Divorce, Hong Kong Style (1968) ... Mai's wife [deleted]
  After the suicide of Hong Kong movie star Linda Lin Dai 林黛 (1934-1964), two movies that she was shooting for Shaw Brothers were unfinished. The company looked for a new actress for three months and auditioned over 2,000 people before finding an actress who looked a little bit like her, Elsie Tu 杜蝶. The latter finished the shooting of the movie "The Lotus Lamp 寶蓮燈" co-starring Cheng Pei-pei (released in 1965) and also the epic 2-part war drama "The Blue and The Black 藍與黑" (released in 1966). Afterwards, Elsie played in a few other Shaw Brothers productions, the last one was "Forever Diamonds 拜倒石榴裙" in 1968. Then, she disappeared from the film industry. (Frédéric Ambroisine)