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金霏  ♀
Tina Chin Fei
Gam Fei,  real name: Han Jing-Fei,  Jin Fei
Birthplace: Taiwan

Filmography (1965-1989)
  Actor (57 films)
    Pink Tears (1965) ... Boss Lin's goddaughter
    Move Over, Darling (1965)    
    The Monkey Goes West (1966) ... Green Snake Demon's daughter
    The Perfumed Arrow (1966) ... Jing Fu-Chun
    Angel with the Iron Fists (1967) ... Mrs Jin
    Hong Kong Nocturne (1967) ... Hsiao Hua
    Operation Lipstick (1967) ... Lee Juan-Juan
    Inter-Pol (1967) ... Singer
    Kiss and Kill (1967) ... Tao Hua
    Summons to Death (1967) ... Gin Mei-Li
    Divorce, Hong Kong Style (1968) ... Li Fei-Fei
    Temptress of a Thousand Faces (1969) ... Ji Ying
    The Orchid (1970) ... Lee Ping
    The Singing Killer (1970) ... Ho Man
    The Drinking Knight (1971) ... Ching Chen-Tze
    Families Are Impossible (1971)    
    It Takes a Man to Be Henpecked (1971) ... Yu Yun
    Swordsman at Large (1971) ... Feng Szu Niang
    Martial Hero of Southern Frontier (1972) ... Heather Hung
    The 14 Amazons (1972) ... Tu Chin Ngo
    Jenny and Her Step-Mother (1972) ... Step-Mother
    Madness of Love (1972) ... Lily [guest star]
    The Stealing Love (1972)    
    Four Riders (1972) ... Yin Hua
    60 Minutes to Terror (1973)    
    The Hand (1973)    
    Beba, the Mermaid (1973) ... Tina
    Fist of Unicorn (1973) ... Hung Mei
    The Private Eye (1973)    
    The Call Girls (1973) ... Sau-King (Pai Lu)
    Death Comes in Three (1973)    
    Love Is a Four Letter Word (1973)    
    The Deadly Chase (1973) ... Fang Ta-Ling
    Na Cha and the Seven Devils (1973) ... Vixen demon
    The Little Man, Ah Fook (1973)    
    The Silver Band (1974)    
    The Hot Pursuit (1974)    
    The Big Showdown (1974)    
    The Gigolo (1974)    
    The Country Bumpkin (1974) ... Prostitute [cameo]
    Sex For Sale (1974) ... Du Pi
    Farewell Dearest (1974)    
    A Mad World of Fools (1974)    
    Women of Desire (1974) ... Chen Bi-Yun
    Everyday Is Sunday (1974)    
    Blood and Rose (1975)    
    Bar Girl (1975)    
    Kissed by the Wolves (1975)    
    Paul the Kid (1975)    
    Female Fugitive (1975) ... Lin Zhen
    The 76 Humors (1976)    
    The 76 Humors II (1976)    
    Born Rich (1976)    
    Tattoo (1976)    
    The Kung Fu Kid (1977)    
    My Sentimental Little Friend (1984) ... Emmannelle
    Just Heroes (1989)    
  Born as Han Jing-Fei to parents from Shanghai, Tina Chin Fei grew up in Taiwan and educated in Chiang Su High School. She went to Hong Kong by herself in 1963 and joined the Shaw Brothers performing arts training course, becoming a member of their 4th graduating class. She exclusively signed on with Shaw Brothers in 1964 and was immediately sent to Thailand to make a film. After then, she returned to Hong Kong and landed a supporting role in the highly accredited Japanese director Inoue Umetsugu's "Hong Kong Nocturne". She was next reunited with Inoue in "Operation Lipstick" where she played a female spy. Her most famous film is "Temptress of a Thousand Faces" and was often cast to play sexy ladies. After she left Shaw Brothers in 1972, Tina was hostess of a TV show called "Glorious" for Rediffusion TV in 1973. She got married in 1977 and then retired from the entertainment industry.

From the Celestial DVD edition of "Swordsman At Large"