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舒佩佩  ♀
Shu Pei-Pei
Shu Pui-Pui,  Shu Pooi-Pooi
Born: November 28th, 1948 (China)

Filmography (1966-1979)
  Actor (22 films)
    Goddess of Mercy (1966)    
    The Mating Season (1966) ... Guest performer
    Madam Slender Plum (1967) ... Cafe waitress
    The Thundering Sword (1967) ... Gin Hsia
    Sing High, Sing Low (1967)    
    The Silent Swordsman (1967) ... Meng Meng
    Spring Blossoms (1968) ... Chen Jie Yu
    The Magnificent Swordsman (1968) ... Sha Xiu-Xiu
    The Sword of Swords (1968) ... Lin Gu
    The Golden Knight (1970) ... Ai Qing
    Wrath of the Sword (1970) ... Bai Ying
    A Taste of Cold Steel (1970) ... Third Sister Gan
    The Secret of the Dirk (1970) ... Liu Ching-Ching
    The Man with Two Wives (1970)    
    The Love Auction (1970)    
    Village of Tigers (1971) ... 9th Miss
    The Devil's Mirror (1972) ... Bai Xiaofeng
    The 14 Amazons (1972) ... Yang Pai Feng
    The Imperial Swordsman (1972) ... Shi Xue-Lan
    The Cub Tiger from Kwangtung (1973) ... Hsiao Lam
    The Boxers (1973) ... Pai Yu-Ying
    Master with Cracked Fingers (1979) ... Hsiao Lam [CUB TIGER FROM KWANGTUNG footage]
  Shu Pei-Pei was born on 28 November 1948 in Shanghai as the first child of her parents from Ningbo, Zhejiang province. Shu came to Hong Kong with her mother and siblings at the age of 10. Despite her humble origins, Shu had a chance to learn ballet and singing during childhood. In 1966, Shu became the first runner-up in the "Miss Seiko Beauty Contest" co-organized by Seiko and Shaw Brothers, from which she received a five-year contract. Since joining the Shaw Brothers, Shu was assigned to perform dancing in "The Mating Season" co-starred by Peter Chen Hou and Pat Ting Hung. Meanwhile, she was studying in the sixth plenum of the "Southern Experimental Theatre". Before graduation, she was selected by director Hsu Cheng-Hung to play the supporting actress in "The Thundering Sword". Within a few years she had played in countless wuxia films. After her contract with Shaw Brothers expired in 1973, Shu got married and gave birth to a son a year later. Then she worked in a travel agency for some 20 years and was promoted to the management.

From the Celestial DVD release of "The Devil's Mirror".