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Huang Tzu-Chiao
Wong Chi-Kau,  Mickey Huang Zi-Jiao ,  Huang Tzi-Chiao
Filmography (1989-2016)
  Actor (10 films)
    Zhangda De Ganjue Zhen Hao (1989)    
    You Xia Er (1990) ... Brother Chiao
    Love Go Go (1997) ... Chiao Xu Pei
    Gangster Rock (2010)    
    The Break-Up Artist (2011)    
    Melody (2012) ... [Voice:Mandarin]
    Live in Live (2013)    
    Open! Open! (2015)    
    Lion Dancing 2 (2015)    
    At Cafe 6 (2016) ... Teacher Na
  Director (1 film)
    L-O-V-E (2009)    
  Writer (1 film)
    L-O-V-E (2009)    
  Lyrics (1 film)
    Me and You and a Girl Named Ugly (1997)    
  A popular host of television variety shows and radio programmes in Taiwan. Also known for shows that track popular trends from Japan. Most common English spelling of his name is Mickey Huang Tzu-Chiao.