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鄧麗君  ♀
Teresa Teng Li-Chun
Tang Lai-Gwan,  Teng Li-Chun,  Deng Lijun,  Tang Li-Chung,  Teresa Tang,  Teresa Teng
Born: January 29th, 1953 (Taiwan) - Died: May 8th, 1995

Filmography (1969-1984)
  Actor (5 films)
    Thank You, My Dear Manager (1969)    
    X + Y = Love (1971)    
    I Want to Sing (1971) ... Ding Dong
    Everybody Is Laughing (1972) ... Singer
    Pledge in Quick Sand (1984)    
  Singer (7 films)
    When We Were Young (1971)    
    We Visited Southeast Asia (1973)    
    The Colorful Ripples (1974)    
    An Unforgettable Day (1979)    
    If I Were for Real (1981)    
    Monkey Business (1982)    
    Pledge in Quick Sand (1984)    
  Famous and much-loved singer. Sadly died from asthma in the mid-1990s.