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陳苗  ♀
Michelle Chen Miao
Filmography (2007-2019)
  Director (4 films)
    Mini (2007)    
    Son of the Stars (2012)    
    Over the Sky (2014)    
    Daughter of Shanghai (2019)    
  Writer (1 film)
    Son of the Stars (2012)    
  CHEN MIAO is one of the “Sixth Generation” film directors of Chinese New Cinema. A graduate of Beijing Film Academy, she went to study and work in Hollywood before returning to China. A seasoned documentary film maker, her films The Snake Boy, Shanghai Dreams, Lulu and Me – have been critically acclaimed at various international film festivals and were broadcast by channels throughout Asia. Her first feature film was Mi Ni (2005) followed by A Girl Thirteen (2006). (Children's Film Society, India catalog)