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苗苗  ♀
Miao Miao (1)
Miu Miu
Born: 1965 (Beijing, China)

Filmography (1976-2017)
  Actor (16 films)
    Hornstone (1976) ... Zhou Xiuzhi
    Murder at the Wedding Night (1988)    
    Bloody Morning (1988)    
    In Their Teens (1989) ... Yao Xiaohe
    Burning Snow (1993) ... Lin Jingjing
    Ice Tigers (1998)    
    Fit Lover (2008)    
    Looking for Jackie (2009) ... Assistant director
    A Big Deal (2011) ... Rich man's wife
    A Style of Men in Beijing (2013)    
    Ready to Run (2013)    
    Mother Han and Her Children (2013)    
    All About Puberty (2014)    
    Only Child (2014)    
    Tie Ta You Hua Lang Man Qu (2015)    
    Six Years, Six Days (2017) ... Village woman Zhang
  Makeup (1 film)
    Generation Pendragon (1999)    
  Father was a veteran of Beijing Film Studio, mother was lead actor in Henan Opera Troupe. Made film debut in 1976. Played a role in 1981 Italian co-production "Marco Polo".

Graduated from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, worked at the Beijing Film Studio.