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余莎莉  ♀
Shirley Yu Sha-Li
Chui Sha-Lee
Died: 2013

Filmography (1975-1996)
  Actor (20 films)
    Anti-Corruption (1975) ... Hsiao Ying
    Crazy Sex (1976) ... 1) Louisa Lai
    Love Swindler (1976) ... 4) Chau Chi
    Moods of Love (1977) ... Hong-Lian
    Lady Exterminator (1977)    
    Confessions of a Private Secretary (1977)    
    The Call-Girls (1977) ... Pak Siu-Man
    Dreams of Eroticism (1977) ... Lady Xi Feng
    Chinatown Kid (1977) ... Lana Chen
    The Brave Archer Part II (1978) ... Kuk's silly daughter
    Sensual Pleasures (1978) ... Mrs. Zhao/Commander Suen's mistress
    Gambler's Delight (1978) ... Prostitute
    The Scandalous Warlord (1979) ... 4th Mistress Feng Wen
    Life Gamble (1979) ... Peng Shuang-Shuang
    The Ghost Story (1979) ... Miao Fen
    Hex Versus Witchcraft (1980) ... Sister Eight
    Seed of Evil (1981)    
    The Romance of the Vampires (1994) ... Phone sex operator
    Passion Unbounded (1995) ... Woman in elevator
    Bloody Friday (1996) ... [Cameo]
  Presenter (1 film)
    Bloody Friday (1996)    
  A Shanghainese originally named Yu Pei-Fang, Yu graduated from Hong Kong New Method College. Her acting debut was Anti-corruption in 1975, followed by Secret Mission that same year. She caught the attention of auteur Li Han-Hsiang in 1976, and became a female lead in his film Love Swindlers. With her sexy bombshell image, Yu was an overnight sensation in the industry. She joined Shaw Brothers as a basic actress afterwards.
Yu has starred in a number of Li Han-Hsiang's films, including Crazy Sex, The Sensual Pleasures, Moods of Love, and The Scandalous Warlord. An icon in the adult-themed genre, her other famous works are The Call-girls, Dreams of Eroticism, and The Ghost Story.
Yu was married to fellow Shaw Brothers actor Chan Shen in 1976, but their marriage ended in divorce.

Taken from the Crazy Sex DVD