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李烈  ♀
Lee Lieh
Li Lieh,  Lee Lit
Born: March 29th, 1958 (Taiwan)

Filmography (1978-2019)
  Actor (36 films)
    The Heroic One (1978)    
    Deep Love at Deep Night (1979)    
    La Chi Zai (1979)    
    Good Morning, Taipei (1979)    
    A Girl Without Sorrow (1979)    
    Desperate Love Bitter End (1979)    
    The Story of a Small Town (1979)    
    Part Time Job (1980)    
    The Secret Between the Girls (1980)    
    Qiu Gang-She and White Thief Seven (1980)    
    Don't Forget the Promise (1980)    
    Warm Sunshine in the Winter (1980)    
    The Radius of the Storm (1980)    
    Love Comes from the Sea (1980)    
    Go On, My Son (1981)    
    The Heroes At Border Region (1981) ... [THE HEROIC ONE footage]
    Survival of a Dragon (1981)    
    Consolidated Dougherty (1981)    
    Lady Piranha (1982)    
    That Day on the Beach (1983) ... Hsin Hsin
    The Thunderbolt Commander (1984)    
    Somewhere Over the Dreamland (2002)    
    Summer, Dream (2002)    
    Drop Me a Cat (2002)    
    The Wall-Passer (2007) ... Tye's mother
    Prince of Tears (2009)    
    Close to You (2010) ... Hsiang's mother
    10+10 (2011) ... 7) Liu Chi, the woman
    Hippocamp Hair Salon (2011)    
    Starry Starry Night (2011) ... Puzzle shop boss
    When Yesterday Comes (2012) ... 4)
    Touch of the Light (2012) ... Yu-hsiang's mother
    Together (2012) ... Min-min
    Partners in Crime (2014)    
    The Laundryman (2015) ... Beheaded ghost
    My Egg Boy (2016)    
  Producer (14 films)
    Orz Boyz! (2008)    
    Monga (2010)    
    Jump Ashin! (2011)    
    Shi Lian Zhe (2013)    
    Taipei Factory (2013)    
    Zone Pro Site (2013)    
    Taipei Factory II: Alla scoperta di Taipei (2014)    
    Meeting Dr. Sun (2014)    
    The Rice Bomber (2014)    
    The Laundryman (2015)    
    Never Said Goodbye (2016)    
    Jump! Men (2017)    
    The Village of No Return (2017)    
    Detention (2019)    
  Presenter (5 films)
    Monga (2010)    
    Jump Ashin! (2011)    
    Revelation of Ghost Marriage (2014)    
    The Second Coming (2014)    
    Never Said Goodbye (2016)    
  Executive Producer (1 film)
    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (2013)    
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Summers (2001)    
  Lieh Lee is one of the most versatile and renowned filmmakers in Taiwan's film industry. She was a house-hold name in the 1980s for playing a number of ingenue roles in films and TV shows. Later on, she transitioned to TV production and talent management in her career path. In 2008, she ventured into the film business with her first feature, Orz Boys, directed by Ya-Che Yang. It was a surprise hit as a film on children's friendship, earning more than $1.1m at the Taiwanese box office. Her second production Monga is an action drama set in Taipei in the 1980s about five teen gangsters seeing their youthful days end as they become embroiled in a gangland turf war. This film's revolutionary marketing strategies changed the rules of Taiwan's film market by starting promotional activities since the early stage of pre-production, marking an unprecedented first-week box office record of over $3.5m. Her latest production Jump Ashin! created a whirlwind across Taiwan and grossed over $2.6m at the domestic box office. This critically-acclaimed film also garnered multiple nominations and awards in Taipei Film Festival, Golden Horse Awards, and Asian Film Awards. (1production bio)