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黃仁植  ♂
Hwang In-Shik
Whong In-Sik,  Whang In-Sik,  Wong In-Sik,  Whang Ing-Sik,  Whang In-Shik,  Whong Inn-Sik,  Wang In-Sik,  황인식
Born: September 13th, 1940 (South Korea)

Filmography (1972-1990)
  Actor (24 films)
    Jenny and Her Step-Mother (1972) ... Rascal
    Hap Ki Do (1972) ... Hapkido Head Student
    The Yellow Killer (1972) ... Kuo Tan, assassin
    The Way of the Dragon (1972) ... Japanese fighter
    Fist of Unicorn (1973) ... Wong's family thug
    The Devil's Treasure (1973) ... Tsui Chen Tien
    When Taekwondo Strikes (1973) ... Japanese leader
    A Wandering Hero (1974)    
    The Skyhawk (1974) ... Renegade Master
    Stoner (1974) ... Mr. Big
    The Tournament (1974) ... Japanese
    Black Leopard (1974)    
    Tomb for a Strongman (1975)    
    The Association (1975) ... General's bodyguard
    Black Spider (1975)    
    The Best Disciple (1976)    
    Close Kung Fu Encounter (1976)    
    Righteous Fighter, Il Ji Mae (1976)    
    Snow Plum Blossom (1976)    
    A Tragic Man in The Song-Hwa River (1977)    
    The Young Master (1980) ... Master Kam
    Dragon Lord (1982) ... Smuggler's leader
    A Fist Full of Talons (1983) ... Nai Sin
    Year of the King Boxer (1990) ... [Korean footage]
  Martial Arts Director (1 film)
    The Association (1975)    
  Stunt Double (1 film)
    The Game of Death (1978)    
  Born in Sunchon, Korea, which is now part of North Korea.

He was due to play a role in Bruce Lee Siu-lung's original The Game Of Death, which began filming in 1972, but his scenes were never filmed. He did however appear in the original footage, as in some shots he doubled for Chien Yuen in his fight scene against Hwang's own master, Ji Han-jae.