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于海  ♂
Yu Hai
Yue Hoi,  Hui Hoi
Born: July 18th, 1942 (Shandong, China)

Filmography (1982-2021)
  Actor (18 films)
    Shaolin Temple (1982) ... Master Tan Chuang
    Kids from Shaolin (1984) ... Tin Lung / Er Long
    Martial Arts of Shaolin (1986) ... Master Shi Ren
    Dragons of the Orient (1988) ... Mantis Style demonstrator
    Yellow River Fighter (1988) ... Abbot Tung Tin
    Fire on the Great Wall (1990) ... Master Yeung
    Deadend of Besiegers (1992) ... Cui Gu's father
    Bridging with Love (1992)    
    White Lotus Cult (1993) ... Admiral Kuan Yun-feng
    The Tai-Chi Master (1993) ... Head Master
    Sam the Iron Bridge - Champion of Martial Arts (1993) ... Admiral Kuan Yun-feng
    The Great Conqueror's Concubine (1994) ... Xiang Liang
    Tai Chi II (1996) ... Hok Man's father
    New Shaolin Temple (2000) ... Tan Zong
    Shaolin (2011) ... Abbot
    Man of Tai Chi (2013) ... Master Yang
    Birth of the Dragon (2016) ... Shaolin monk
    Rising Shaolin: The Protector (2021)    
  Martial Arts Director (2 films)
    Shaolin Temple (1982)    
    Yellow River Fighter (1988)    
  Originally named Yu Tiantang, the former national "Praying Mantis Boxing" champion had also been the team captain and coach of the Shandong Sports Academy's martial arts team. Yu's dexterity was later discovered by director Zhang Xinyan of Great Wall Pictures, who cast him in the sensational The Shaolin Temple.
Yu was next seen in films such as Kids From Shaolin, Martial Arts Of Shaolin and Yellow River Fighter. However, his failing health has minimized his screen appearance significantly.

-Celestial Pictures' biography from Martial Arts of Shaolin