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周裡京  ♂
Zhou Lijing
Chow Lee-Ging,  Chow Lee-King,  Zhou Lei-Jing,  Chow Lei-King,  Zhou Li-Jing
Born: December 1st, 1954 (China)

Filmography (1981-2018)
  Actor (13 films)
    Young Friends (1981)    
    A Lady from Shanghai (1982)    
    Life (1984)    
    Beijing Kebabs (1987) ... Xiao Biao
    Orders from Forbidden City (1987) ... Master Wenhui
    Stealing Is No Crime (1989)    
    Grieved Gunfighter (1994)    
    The Crime (1996) ... Luo Jianqun
    Woman Soccer Player #9 (2000)    
    Cuo Wei Lian Ren (2013)    
    The First Shot (2015)    
    Jin Bian Zhong Zhuan Qi (2016)    
    The Poet (2018) ... Zhang Mu
  Born in 1954, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, was born in Beijing. 18-year-old actor into Gansu Province Repertory Theatre, 1978 was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy in 1982, after graduating from school to teach. Beijing Film Academy teacher.