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李惠霞  ♀
Lee Wai-Ha (2)
Filmography (1953-1956)
  Actor (12 films)
    Sworn to Love (1953) ... Ah Can
    Love's Longing (1954)    
    How the Scholar Tong Pak-Fu Won the Maid Chau-Heung (1954)    
    How Law Buk Rescued His Mother (1955)    
    How Miss Su Thrice Tested the Scholarship of Her Bridgeroom (1955)    
    The Next Generation (1955)    
    Broken Zither Bower (1955)    
    Follow the Custom (1955)    
    Backyard Adventures (1955) ... Onlooker
    The Pretty Tigress (1955) ... Singer B
    The Story of Chiu Fei-Yin (1956)    
    How the Immortal Lu Dongbin Made a Fool of White Peony (1956)