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Yang Zhi-Guo
Filmography (1980-1991)
  Lighting (3 films)
    Dark Night (1986)    
    Five Girls and a Rope (1990)    
    A Brighter Summer Day (1991)    
  Set Runner (10 films)
    Those Days in the Heaven (1980)    
    The Clouds Know Your Name (1981)    
    Pink Force Commando (1982)    
    The Four Sheepish Dummies (1983)    
    Gallery of Fools (1986)    
    Lao Hu Lai Liao (1986)    
    I Want to Be (1987)    
    Split of the Spirit (1987)    
    Osmanthus Alley (1988)    
    A Home Too Far (1990)