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Wu Te-Lun
Mou Tak-Leun
Filmography (1964-1969)
  Actor (13 films)
    Ching Tin Yuk Lui Leung (1964)    
    Sino-Japanese Spy Battle (1964)    
    Yida Married To Beggar (1964)    
    The Dusk Hometown (1965)    
    Farewell Beloved One (1965)    
    The Bragger King (1965)    
    Since Your Departure (1965)    
    Filial Daughter's Desire (1965)    
    Ling Rou Zhi Dao (1965)    
    Longing for Broadcaster (1965)    
    Streets of Taipei (1965)    
    Even Heroes Have Weakness for Beautiful Woman (1965)    
    Nu Xing De Fu Chou (1969)