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朴熙珍  ♂
Park Hui-Jin
Born: 1955 (South Korea)

Filmography (1974-1985)
  Actor (40 films)
    Returned Single-Legged Man (1974)    
    Left Foot of Wrath (1974)    
    Returned Single-Legged Man 2 (1974)    
    Black Dragon (1975)    
    Kill the Shogun (1975)    
    The Best Disciple (1976)    
    The Secret Rivals (1976) ... Tournament fighter
    Black Dragon River (1976)    
    Secret Agent (1976)    
    Special Mission (1976)    
    Four Iron Men (1977)    
    Third Son of Dragon King (1977) ... Moon Bo
    Tigresses (1977)    
    Bruce and Dragon Fist (1977)    
    The Shaolin Plot (1977) ... Monk
    Blazing Fists (1977)    
    A Blow of Fury (1977) ... Ma Dae-in + Shintaro's bodyguard
    My Name Called Bruce (1978)    
    Blood of the Dragon Peril (1978)    
    Seven Men of Kung-Fu (1978) ... [Korean cut]
    Fury of Dragon (1978)    
    The Ring of Death (1980) ... Samurai
    Killer Constable (1980)    
    Return of the Scorpion (1980)    
    Eagle vs. Silver Fox (1980)    
    Heroine of Tribulation (1981) ... [Korean cut]
    Hitman in the Hand of Buddha (1981)    
    Duel of the Tough (1981)    
    Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu (1981)    
    The Drunken Monk (1981)    
    Hard Bastard (1981)    
    Sheng Tiao Hero (1982)    
    Shaolin Water Seller (1982) ... Hwang Dong-cheon
    My Name Is 'Twin Legs' (1982) ... Snake gang member
    Secret Executioners (1982)    
    Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger (1982) ... Tiger So's head thug
    Duel of Ultimate Weapons (1983)    
    Kwangdong Viper (1983)    
    Wild Panther (1984)    
    Ninja Terminator (1985)    
  Park Hui-jin

Born in 1951 in South Korea, he began his martial arts film career alongside many Korean martial arts movie mainstays (including brothers Hwang Jeong-ri and Hwang Choon-soo) in the films of director Lee Doo-yong, debuting in 1974's Returned Single-Legged Man. He had great kicking skills and was also adept with weapons, making him a popular choice for many of the directors of Korean action films including; Kim Seon-gyung; Lee Hyeok-soo; Kim Shi-hyeon; and Richard Park Woo-sang.

His acting skills were also noticed early in his career and he quickly moved from being a stuntman to playing supporting roles as both heroes and villains. His proven track record helped secure him the lead role in the Korean re-cut of Corey Yuen Kwai's action classic Ninja In The Dragon's Den. Park and several other local actors filmed new scenes in 1985 with director Nam Ki-nam, which replaced the original scenes featuring Japanese superstar Sanada Hiroyuki.

He was groomed to be the next Hwang Jeong-ri, having a lot of the same skills and attributes and working several times on cross-over films with Hong Kong and Taiwan. The plan was for him to travel back and forth between Hong Kong and Korea, in the same manner as Hwang, but due to an unforeseen accident these plans would never come to fruition and he would never quite recover.

His career did continue locally though, with him still making appearances in several kids oriented martial arts films and the gangster movies that became popular in Korea during the late 80s and throughout the 90s. He also had a very steady work load in TV, being a common face in many of the period dramas of KBS, one of South Korea's top stations.

Although his stardom never reached the heights it deserved to, he still had a long and colourful career. His face is one of the most familiar of the Korean martial arts actors for western fans, with many of his performances being available on DVD, and with more films being re-mastered, hopefully his name will become just as familiar, he certainly deserves it.

J.J. Hayden [14-Jun-2023]