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申明義  ♂
Shin Myung-Ui
Shen Ming-Yi,  신명의,  Shin Myung-Yue
Born: March 26th, 1939 (South Korea)
Filmography (1976-1986)
  Cinematographer (21 films)
    The Hot, the Cool and the Vicious (1976)    
    The Last Fist of Fury (1977)    
    A Tragic Man in The Song-Hwa River (1977)    
    The Magnificent (1978)    
    Fury of Dragon (1978)    
    Kung Fu Fever (1979)    
    The Dragon's Showdown (1980)    
    Golden Dragon, Silver Snake (1980)    
    Rage of the Dragon (1980)    
    Dragon, the Young Master (1981)    
    Enter the Invincible Hero (1981)    
    The Dragon's Snake Fist (1981)    
    Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger (1982)    
    Masters of Tiger Crane (1982)    
    The Challenge of the Lady Ninja (1983)    
    Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple (1983)    
    Dragon Claws (1983)    
    Kwangdong Viper (1983)    
    Killing in the Nude (1984)    
    The Barren Virgin (1985)    
    Woman in the Forest Story (1986)