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Lu Shun-Keng
Luk Seun-Kang
Filmography (1976-1995)
  Actor (2 films)
    Gangland Odyssey (1988)    
    Lessons of the Playground (1989)    
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    The Young Taoism Fighter (1986)    
  Script Supervisor (2 films)
    The Terrible Night (1978)    
    Half a Loaf of Kung Fu (1978)    
  Costume (1 film)
    Game of Love (1976)    
  Film Coordinator (1 film)
    Lost Dream in Pink House: Dong Shiao-Wen (1995)    
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Lessons of the Playground (1989)    
  Unit Manager (1 film)
    The Revenge Ghost of the Tree (1988)