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小白光  ♀
Hsiao Bai Guang

Filmography (1960-1968)
  Actor (30 films)
    Ding Lan Nian Si Xiao (1960)    
    Cai Duan Builds Lou Yang Bridge (1961)    
    Di Qing Catches Pearl Banner (1962)    
    Di Ching Fights Eight Treasures Princess (1962)    
    Five Tiger Ping Nan (1962)    
    Beggar Grandma Travels Lingshan (1962)    
    Third Dragon Seizes The Pearl (1963)    
    Wu Niang Si Jun (1963)    
    Fan Li-Hua Leaves the Mountain the Fourth Time (1963)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming, Sequel (1963)    
    Tiger Nose Lion (1963)    
    Final Report of Prince Twins' Return to Country (1963)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming (1963)    
    Han Hsin Bi Xi Chu Ba Wang (1963)    
    Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers (1963)    
    Twelve Widows' Journey to West (1963)    
    Lord You An on Inspection Tour (1963)    
    Beggar Prince (1963)    
    Li Ya Xian (1964)    
    Knight-Errant Four Chin Kang (1964)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming (Part 3) (1964)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming (Great Final) (1964)    
    Xin Ai Bi Ge Ren (1965)    
    Knight Errand Si Jin-Gang (Sequel) (1965)    
    Knight-Errant Four Chin Kang (Conclusion) (1965)    
    Heartbreaking Ruthless Sword (1967)    
    Seven Star Escort (1967)    
    Three Swords King (1967)    
    Wu Lin Jian Qiu (1967)    
    Blind Knight Phantom Sword (1968)    
  Production Manager (2 films)
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming, Sequel (1963)    
    Final Report of Prince Twins' Return to Country (1963)