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胡堅強  ♂
Hu Jian-Qiang
Woo Gin-Keung,  Woo Kin-Keung
Born: August 21st, 1958 (China)

Filmography (1982-2005)
  Actor (7 films)
    Shaolin Temple (1982) ... Wu Kong
    Kids from Shaolin (1984) ... Yee Lung
    Martial Arts of Shaolin (1986) ... Chao Wei
    Dragons of the Orient (1988) ... Monkey Staff demonstrator
    Yellow River Fighter (1988) ... Sword school student
    Drunken Master III (1994)    
    Curse of Lola (2005) ... Dance director
  Martial Arts Director (1 film)
    Yellow River Fighter (1988)    
  Martial Arts Designer (1 film)
    Solitaire (1989)    
  A native of Yuyao, Zhejiang, Hu was recruited in the Chinese national wushu team in 1971, and won fourth place in the boxing category of the 1972 national wushu competition. Since 1974, Hu has been following the national team across Japan, France and Spain for exhibition. He also became a two-time national wushu champion in 1981 and 1982.
Hu was discovered by director Zhang Xinyan of Great Wall Pictures and cast him in The Shaolin Temple, and later starred in Kids From Shaolin and Martial Arts Of Shaolin. Hu's fame even took him to Japan, where he starred in the action saga Shogun's Shadow as a Chinese warrior.
Hu migrated to South America in 1991, where he founded a martial arts school in Buenos Aires and organized a South American wushu contest. He opened an institute on Shaolin wushu in Manchester, United States, and recruited more than 2,000 students.
-Celestial Pictures' biography from Martial Arts of Shaolin