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白羽  ♀
Bai Yu (7)
Birthplace: China

Filmography (2002-2018)
  Actor (1 film)
    Day of Redemption (2013) ... Alice
  Director (2 films)
    The Girl Muran (2002)    
    Ma Dong's Holiday (2009)    
  Producer (1 film)
    Day of Redemption (2013)    
  Production Manager (2 films)
    The Girl Muran (2002)    
    The Ghost House (2018)    
Bai Yu, the president, a MFA holder in Producing from California Institute of the Arts, had starred as lead actress in several TV series in China before studying in the U.S. Fluent in English and Chinese, she has established extensive industry network in both China and America. Her understanding of the U.S. and Chinese production and distribution systems also add to her advantage in international film producing. (LinkedIn)
1993-1997, studied in the PLA Institute of Arts in the drama department, graduated 1997.