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邱罔舍  ♂
Chiu Wang-She
Chau Mong-Se,  Chen Li-Xiong

Filmography (1957-1985)
  Actor (16 films)
    Qiu Wang-She (1957) ... Qiu Wang-She
    Three Love Songs (1964)    
    Challenge Underworld Island (1966)    
    Young Lady Enters City (1966) ... Rude bar-guest
    Pu Shi Bian (1967)    
    Life Begins (1967)    
    Wonderful Woman Wonderful Marriage (1968)    
    Laugh at The First Sight of You (1968)    
    Jiao Suan Shou Ruan (1968)    
    Don't Debt (1968)    
    Good-Bye Taipeh (1969)    
    Female Dragon King (1969)    
    Silver Maid (1969)    
    The Most Passionate Night (1970)    
    A Wife's Worries (1971)    
    The City Girl (1985)    
  Real name is Chen Li-Xiong (陳力雄) but early in his career he played the folk hero 邱罔舍, and the movie was very successful, that people started to call him Chiu Wang-She, so he adopted this name as his stage name (mentioned in an old magazine article about one of his TV-series).