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張弦  ♂
Zhang Xian (3)
Cheung Yin
Birthplace: China
Filmography (1958-2013)
  Writer (10 films)
    The Girl from Shanghai (1958)    
    Forever Young (1983)    
    Autumn Spring (1985)    
    Xiao Xiao - A Girl from Hunan (1986)    
    The Well (1987)    
    Disappointment (1987)    
    Golden Dart Hero (1987)    
    Imperial Concubine Yang (1992)    
    The Shadow in the Rose Building (1993)    
    Hong Chun Mi Yin (2013)    
    Chinese film playwright. Originally from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, was born in Shanghai. In 1953, he graduated from the Department of Metallurgical Machinery of Tsinghua University in Beijing.