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Lu Jun-Fu
Lo Jun-Fook
Filmography (1957-1995)
  Cinematographer (15 films)
    Cowboy Joining the Army (1957)    
    Desert Chasing Bandits (1959)    
    Magic Lotus Lantern (1960)    
    Southern Sisters (1963)    
    A Family's Problems (1964)    
    The Stone Bay (1976)    
    Li Huiniang's Revenge (1981)    
    Autumn Spring (1985)    
    Wreaths at the Foot of the Mountain (1985)    
    Hibiscus Town (1986)    
    The Last Aristocrats (1989)    
    The Bell of Purity Temple (1992)    
    The Dream Is Not a Dream (1993)    
    An Old Man and His Dog (1993)    
    Nie Yuan (1995)