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仇雲波  ♂
Robin Shou Wan-Bo
Wai Lung,  Robin Chou,  Chau Wan-Bo,  Chau Wan
Born: July 17th, 1960 (Hong Kong)

Filmography (1987-2006)
  Actor (24 films)
    The Big Brother (1987) ... Robin
    The Big Heat (1988) ... Assassin at hospital
    In the Line of Duty III (1988) ... Yamamoto's bodyguard
    City War (1988) ... Ted's hired killer
    Death Cage (1989) ... Lan Se-Han
    Long Arm of the Law III (1989) ... 966
    Burning Ambition (1989)    
    Casino Raiders (1989) ... Sam's hired hitman
    Triads - The Inside Story (1989) ... Coffin's lieutenant
    Fatal Termination (1990) ... Officer Robin Wai
    Tiger Cage II (1990) ... Waise Chow
    The Cyprus Tigers (1990) ... Yau Gin, young Nachino brother
    Fury in Red (1991) ... Night Monster
    Forbidden Arsenal (1991) ... Paul
    Hard to Kill (1992)    
    Fatal Chase (1992) ... Inspector Billy Lung
    Black Cat II (1992) ... Robin
    Bloody Mary Killer (1993)    
    Guns & Roses (1993) ... Chin Shui
    Angel the Kickboxer (1993) ... Policeman
    The Most Wanted (1994) ... Yip Huan
    Home Again (1995)    
    Win or Die (1997)    
    DOA: Dead or Alive (2006) ... Pirate leader
  Born in Hong Kong, Robin Shou emigrated to Los Angeles in 1971. Two years later, Robin began studying martial arts. His martial art of choice was Wushu after learning Kenpo Karate. He went to China to study the art in 1981.

Made his Hollywood debut in the made-for-television film FORBIDDEN NIGHTS (1990) opposite Melissa Gilbert. A young Stephen Fung Tak-Lun played the young version of Shou's character.

In 1995, Shou took on the central role of Liu Kang in the film adaptation of the popular video game MORTAL KOMBAT. Shou not only starred, but choreographed two fight scenes, one in which Johnny Cage fought Scorpion and one in which Liu Kang took on Reptile.

In 1997, Shou reprised the roles of lead and fight choreographer in MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION and co-starred with the late Chris Farley in BEVERLY HILLS NINJA.

In 2003, Shou made his directorial debut with the documentary RED TROUSERS: THE LIFE OF THE HONG KONG STUNTMEN, a riveting look at the world of stuntmen in Hong Kong and their trials and tribulations. The movie featured a short film Shou starred in entitled LOST TIME.