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Li Chao-Qing
Filmography (1962-1964)
  Actor (1 film)
    Luo Tong Conquers the North (1963)    
  Production Manager (13 films)
    Born in a Tomb Prince (1962)    
    Swordswoman Huang Jiang (1962)    
    Sun Pang Fights The Law (1962)    
    Jiang Ziya Leaves Mountain (1962)    
    Di Qing Catches Pearl Banner (1962)    
    The Heroine (1962)    
    Five Tiger Ping Nan (1962)    
    Fan Li-Hua Leaves the Mountain the Fourth Time (1963)    
    New Arabian Nights (1963)    
    Twelve Widows' Journey to West (1963)    
    Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers (1963)    
    Luo Tong Conquers the North (1963)    
    Memories of Seven Drifting Beauties (1964)