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顧嘉玲  ♀
Colette Koo Ka-Ling
Colette Koo,  Goo Ga-Ling
Died: August 23rd, 2010

Filmography (1984-2008)
  Actor (8 films)
    Night Caller (1985)    
    My Name Ain't Suzie (1985) ... Wednesday
    Woman Prison (1988) ... Lonnie
    Four Loves (1989)    
    Mortuary Blues (1990) ... Zombie
    Glass Tears (2001) ... P's mother
    Let's Love Hong Kong (2003) ... Nicole
    Fear of Intimacy (2005)    
  Producer (3 films)
    Taped (2004)    
    Jessica Caught on Tape (2005)    
    Wushu (2008)    
  Art Director (2 films)
    The Siamese Twins (1984)    
    Grow Up in Anger (1986)    
  Costume Designer (3 films)
    Tong Chee Yi Li Nan (1985)    
    My Name Ain't Suzie (1985)    
    Taped (2004)    
  Costume Design (1 film)
    Operation Scorpio (1992)    
  Colette Koo was an actress and costume designer in the 80's & 90's in Hong Kong & Hollywood (she worked on Spielberg's EMPIRE OF THE SUN). She started her own production company--Hippopotamus Films--and produced her first short movie, TAPED, in 2004. In 2005 she was producing her first long feature, JESSICA CAUGHT ON TAPE (the movie will mostly be in Cantonese), and directed by Antony Szeto, starring Anthony Wong, Carl Ng, Richard Ng, and newcomer Evelyn Ng (from Singapore).