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劉仕裕  ♂
Lau Shut-Yue
Liu Shih-Yu,  Lau Sze-Yue

Filmography (1984-1992)
  Director (8 films)
    New Tales of the Flying Fox (1984)    
    The Young Vagabond (1985)    
    Ghost Fever (1989)    
    Ghost Busting (1989)    
    Saga of the Phoenix (1989)    
    My Neighbours Are Phantoms (1990)    
    Look Out, Officer! (1990)    
    Forced Nightmare (1992)    
  Liu Shih-Yu started his career as a trainee with TVB, and subsequently worked behind the scenes. In 1982, he started his career in movie production, and produced ''New Tales of the Flying Fox''. Later, he produced a series of horror comedies, such as ''Ghost Fever'', ''Ghost Busting'', ''My Neighbours Are Phantoms'' and ''Forced Nightmare''. Liu now works as a producer for TVB's serial drama, and produced many popular TV serial dramas such as ''Plain Love 2'' and ''Fiery Rose''.

From the Celestial DVD release of ''Look Out, Officer!''