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徐浩軒  ♂
Hsu Hao-Hsuan
Chui Hou-Hin
Born: 1984 (Taiwan)

Filmography (2012-2017)
  Director (1 film)
    My Dear Art (2017)    
  Writer (3 films)
    The Untrammeled Traveller (2012)    
    A Life That Sings (2015)    
    Ode to Time (2016)    
  Assistant Director (2 films)
    A Life That Sings (2015)    
    Ode to Time (2016)    
  Cinematographer (1 film)
    Ode to Time (2016)    
  Born in 1984, HSU Hao-hsuan has participated in documentaries A Life that Sings, The Untrammeled Traveler, and Ode to Time as the writer and assistant director. He currently works as an independent director/writer of documentaries, commercials and fiction films.