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彭飛  ♂
Pang Fei
Peng Fei

Filmography (1933-1957)
  Actor (14 films)
    A Face-to-Face Combat (1933)    
    Flames (1933)    
    National Survival (1933)    
    The Adventures of the Chinese Tarzan (1939) ... Taai Saan
    The Perfect Beauty (1940)    
    Revolt of the Fishing Folks (1940)    
    The Swordswoman's Revenge (1947)    
    Two Roaming Sisters (1951)    
    The Precious Lamp in the Moon Palace (1951)    
    How the Heroine of Deserted River Shattered the Centipedes Militia (1951)    
    The Sword and the Pearl (1951) ... Man Tat
    White Snake Fable (2nd Chapter) (1952)    
    Bloody Fight by the Golden Sand Beach (1952)    
    Immortal Tunes of Show-Biz (1957)